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An Introduction

Gone are the days when parents used to fasten cloth made nappies round their babies. Such nappies were unhygienic and gave birth to many problems, starting from rashes to skin diseases and fungal infections. Today, every parent prefers to give the best care to his/her dear child, and in the infant age, most of them use Diapers for their kids. For such parents who want the best for their bundle of joy, we, Vivia International Pvt. Ltd., are making a range of Diapers that can be used on kids of several age groups and body sizes. We have sectioned our product range by giving it different names & classified it according to sizes as Baby Diaper, Plain Diaper, Super Jumbo Care Baby Diaper, Extra Baby Care Diaper, Woo Baby Diaper and Adult Pull Ups Diapers.


Our Mission

Every baby is special to his/her parent and all parents focus on well nurturing their little ones.


Our Vision & Core Values

We have always held fast to a vision that has motivated us to attain nothing short of the best.


Our Team

Self enthusiastic, knowledgeable and adroit people work together in our premises and make our team a crucial asset of us.